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What is a silent disco? How can you have your own.

What is a Silent Disco A silent disco is a system of using radio transmitters to transmit 3 channels of different music simultaneously to wireless headphones with built in receivers. The headphones allow the user to instantly switch between 3 audio channels, giving the unique experience of large groups of people being able to listen and dance to different music at the same time - those without headphones will hear no music!​​

The History of Silent Disco

​1967 - The First Ever Silent Disco

An early reference to silent discos is Astroboy's 1967 Japanese science fiction story 'The Summer of 1993' where the main character attends a party where everyone wears headphones.​

1990 - Silent Disco Headphones at Outdoor Parties

The silent disco concept was used by eco-activists in the early 1990s, using silent disco headphones at outdoor parties to minimise noise pollution and disturbance to the local wildlife.

1994 - Silent Disco Headphones at Glastonbury Festival

In 1994 Glastonbury Festival linked its on-site radio station to the video screen next to the Main Stage, allowing festival goers to watch late night World Cup football on the giant screen after the sound curfew by using their own silent disco headphones.

2000 - Silent Disco for BBC

In May 2000 BBC Live Music held a silent disco at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, where the audience listened to a band Rocketgoldstar, and various DJs through silent disco headphones.​

2002 - Silent Disco at a Museum

In May 2002 artist Meg Duguid hosted 'Dance with me' a silent dance party at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago where she created an outdoor club installation in which a DJ spun a transmission to wireless silent disco headsets that audience members put on and danced to.

​2008- Silent Disco Festival on tour

HUSH concerts, previously Silent Frisco, was the first company to produce a multi-city Silent Disco tour in 2008 with Silent Soundclash, kicking off at the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

​2011- Silent Disco added to the Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary Online added the term silent disco to their website in February 2011.

What are Silent Disco Headphones​

We use the latest 3 channel LED silent disco headphones with powerful transmitters to ensure perfect quality. The silent disco headphones are easy to use with their own volume and channel switch buttons, giving each individual control over what they listen to, at a volume that is suitable for them.​

Why our Silent Disco Headphones are the Best

– LED colours which illuminate to indicate the channel

–  3 channels of music simultaneously –  Fully rechargeable so batteries are not used –  Receive signal up to 100 metres away –  Great sound quality with volume & channel switch button​

Silent Disco Equipment is So Easy to Use

To host a silent disco simply plug your audio device in to the transmitter and away you go. During the silent disco you can have up to 3 transmitters running 3 separate music devices simultaneously, choose between an iPod, iPad, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. 

Hire a Silent Disco Party DJ Package

We can provide a professional silent disco party DJ package for your next party, wedding or special event.

- Professional & highly experienced 15+ years silent disco DJ

- Huge library of music from all styles and genres

- Spotify playlist request service

- DJ available over 3 channels of simultaneous music to suit all ages

- Perfect noise restrictions solution

- Unique experience and guaranteed fun for your guests

- Latest LED 3 channel silent disco headphones

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