Silent Disco Equipment Dry Hire Rental Buckinghamshire 

Buckinghamshire Silent Disco Headphone Hire 

Want to host your own Silent Disco? We provide Silent Disco rental packages with headphones, transmitters and cables all included.

Hire our Silent Disco equipment with the latest state of the art Silent Disco headphones and transmitters which enable up to 3 channels of different music to be simultaneously sent to wireless headphones allowing each user to switch between 3 audio channels.

We can either hand or courier deliver all the equipment to your home or venue address. We also include a comprehensive instruction book explaining exactly how to setup the equipment. If you book we even have lots of premade Spotify playlists for all styles and genres and can send links for you to use these for your event if required, saving lots of time and effort in preparing music.

Our Buckinghamshire Silent Disco dry hire rental package prices depend on several factors including availability, number of headphones, location and date. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail and we will quote accordingly.

Our Silent Disco Headphones

We use the latest lithium rechargeable LED headphones with powerful transmitters to ensure perfect quality. The headphones are easy to use and have their own volume dial and a channel switch button giving each individual complete control over what they listen to and at a volume that is suitable for them. 

Why our Silent Disco headphones are the best: 

–  LED colours which illuminate to show what channel you are on
–  3 channels of music or audio simultaneously
–  Fully rechargeable so batteries are not used
–  Receive signals up to 90 metres away
–  Great sound quality with volume and channel switch control

Is the equipment easy to setup?

Yes! Plug your music source in to the transmitter and away you go. You can have up to 3 transmitters running three separate music sources simultaneously. Choose between an iPod, tablet, mobile phone, laptop or live DJ. If you encounter any technical problems we have a 24 hour emergency helpline number. 


We provide all the necessary audio cables so all you need to do is plug your music source to the transmitter and connect the power.

Check our FAQ's or Contact Us to discuss your plans in detail.


We provide Silent Disco equipment headphone dry hire and DJ packages throughout Buckinghamshire and across the UK including Marlow, Reading, Henley-on-Thames, Maidenhead, London, High Wycombe, Uxbridge, Slough, Aylesbury, Oxford and Milton Keynes.
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  • Silent Disco Party Headphone Hire Beaconsfield
  • Silent Disco Party Headphone Hire Nettlebed
  • Silent Disco Party Headphone Hire Uxbridge
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  • Silent Disco Party Hire Henley-on-Thames
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Maidenhead
  • Silent Disco Party Hire London
  • Silent Disco Party Hire High Wycombe
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Uxbridge
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Slough
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Aylesbury
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Milton Keynes
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Leighton Buzzard
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Bicester
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Amersham
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Beaconsfield
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Nettlebed
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Uxbridge
  • Silent Disco Party Hire Windsor
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