Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is a silent disco?

A: A silent disco is a system of radio transmitters to transmit 3 channels of music simultaneously to wireless headphones. The headphones allow the user to switch between 3 audio channels, giving the unique experience of large groups of people being able to listen and dance to different music at the same time with no loud music. How does a silent disco work?

Q: What silent disco events do you offer?

We provide Silent Disco DJ and equipment hire for a range of events including Weddings, Events, Parties, Festivals, Schools, Universities, Club Nights and Conferences. Contact Us to discuss your event requirements.

Q: How much does a silent disco cost?

A: Packages are tailored to meet client requirements. Our Silent Disco headphone hire and event DJ package prices vary depending on several key factors including number of headphones, location, day, date and DJ performance times. 


Q: Why our silent disco headphones rock?

  • LED colours which illuminate to indicate the selected channel 

  • 3 channels of music simultaneously

  • Fully rechargeable so batteries are not used

  • Receive signals up to 90 metres away

  • Great sound quality with volume and channel switch buttons​


Q: Is the equipment easy to setup?​

A: Yes! Plug your music device in to the transmitter and away you go. You can have up to 3 transmitters running 3 separate music devices simultaneously, choose between an iPod, iPad, mobile phone, laptop, tablet or DJ equipment. We include step by step instructions and a helpline number. We provide all the necessary audio cables so all you need to do is link your music device to the transmitter and connect the power.

Q: Are the headphones loud and safe?

A: Our headphones are lightweight, padded and have their own volume adjustment control so the choice of volume level is yours.


Q: Which areas in the UK do you cover?

A: We provide Silent Disco headphone kit hire and event DJ packages throughout the UK including Cardiff, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Worcestershire, Oxford, Bath, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Reading, Northampton, Derby, Cotswolds, Somerset, Cambridge, London, Berkshire, Surrey, Plymouth, Southampton, Wales and Scotland.

Silent Disco Headphone Hire 

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Silent Disco Party operate across the UK in Bristol, Bath, London, Surrey, Liverpool, Birmingham, Brighton, Cambridge, Southampton, Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Reading, Oxford, Exeter, Derby, Cotswolds, Exeter, Wales & Scotland.

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