Hire Silent Disco for Your Buckinghamshire Party  


Looking for a unique way to celebrate your birthday? Want to make it a night you'll never forget?


A Silent Disco can work brilliantly for a birthday or house party and even daytime BBQs. Hand out our wireless headphones to your guests, plug in some music and watch the party erupt without disturbing your neighbours! You can play a variety of music simultaneously over 1, 2 or 3 channels to suit everyone's tastes.

You can dry hire our Silent Disco headphones but we are also highly experienced, 15+ years, providers of party and wedding DJ entertainment throughout the UK. We can supply a DJ for the whole night as a Silent Disco or provide a split Silent Disco party DJ package with full PA system & lighting to DJ out loud early on and then switch to a Silent Disco later in the evening to finish off your celebrations in style. This is the perfect solution for venues with noise restrictions and house parties where noise pollution late in the evening will be a problem for neighbours.

Please Contact Us for a quote. We provide Silent Disco Party Hire and DJ packages throughout Buckinghamshire and across the UK.

4 Reasons to have a Silent Disco Party

1 - Variety Of Music


Cant cater to everyone's musical tastes?


Silent disco headphones allow you to run multiple playlists over 2 or 3 channels to help please all of your guests. Whilst granma is bopping away to The Beatles you can jump around to Justin Beiber while dad plays his air guitar to Bon Jovi.

2 - No Noise Restrictions 


Due to UK noise regulations venues and houses have tight restrictions on how loud and late your music can be played. 


With absolutely no noise pollution, a silent disco party eliminates the need to stop at 12am so you and your guests can party on until the early hours of the morning without anybody knowing. A DJ and full PA system can still be used earlier on in the evening.

3 - No Need to SHOUT!


Need a break from loud music?

A common misconception about silent discos is that they are unsociable, which is untrue. In fact they are the complete opposite. There's no need to leave the room for a bit of peace and quiet or pleasant conversation - simply remove your headphones and chat away on the dance floor. 

4 - Fun & Unique Experience


Stand out from the crowd with this unique, fun and unforgettable birthday party experience.

There's nothing quite like watching your best friends singing and dancing to different styles of music at the same time. Your silent disco birthday party will be one to remember and get all your friends talking for years to come.

Buckinghamshire Silent Disco Party Hire

We supply Silent Disco Party Hire throughout Buckinghamshire and across the UK. For a quote Contact Us today.

  • Dry hire service with easy plug & play setup

  • 1, 2 or 3 channels of music to suit all ages and tastes

  • Perfect noise restrictions solution

  • Unique and fun experience for your guests

  • Latest fully rechargeable LED wireless headphones

  • Crisp sound with independent volume & channel switch control

  • Delivery, collection & setup service available

Full DJ & Silent Disco Party Package Hire Buckinghamshire

We can provide a professional Silent Disco Party DJ package to cover your full evenings entertainment with our highly experienced party DJ hosting your special night.

  • Professional & highly experienced 15+ years DJ

  • DJ available over 2 or 3 channels for whole evening as silent disco 

  • DJ with PA system & lighting available to DJ out loud early on and then switch to a silent disco over 2 or 3 channels later in the evening

  • Up to 8 hours of DJ entertainment 

  • Huge library of music from all ages, styles & genres

  • Music playlist request service

  • Fully covered by Public Liability Insurance & PAT Tested

We provide Silent Disco headphone hire and Party DJ packages throughout Buckinghamshire and across the UK including Marlow, Reading, Henley-on-Thames, Maidenhead, London, High Wycombe, Uxbridge, Slough, Aylesbury, Oxford and Milton Keynes.
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  • Silent Disco Party Headphone Hire Nettlebed
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